I am not sure about you but it seems that we are all ready to de-frost and move the calendar into the full bloom of wild flowers!
Why not go ahead and start working on the perks of energizing your inner thoughts and get started on some spring motivators.
Here are some Easy, Cheap, and Quick ways to brighten your mood and your home!

Start in the living room….. Take all of your table decorations and move them into the dining area or table. Remove old newspapers, magazines, or things that have seemed to have nestled in places that create clutter. Organize a certain spot for them either in the living room, or office. Take a look around and see if there is any other items that can be removed or discarded from your winter hibernation. The idea is to make as much open space as possible. Move furniture away from the walls and quickly dust mop or vacuum behind everything. Since your furniture is moved try rearranging some pieces. Anchor each with an end table, side table, or plant. Finish dusting and cleaning all surfaces, don’t forget ceiling fans and mantles. If you have area rugs move them around as well, or borrow some from another room. Change things up from room to room, including wall decor, table decorations, family photos, and even small furniture pieces. Borrow from each room, and changing things up throughout the house.  Do this in each room and enlist family member to get involved…..Think creative thoughts….It will be like you are on a shopping spree without spending any money.  By simply lifting the mood in your home, you will do wonders to lift the winter doldrums in you, and your family will love it. Mine does….  Once the outside thaws out we can take our action plans there and get spring on its way!