Since my last update… on October 19, we were required to get MORE document disclosures to the bank for the processor.  So once again I contacted my CPA and gathered more data to send off.  Not sure if they just sit around and think… “hmmm what else could we ask for that seems a little ridiculous?”  Anyway we scurried around like little squirrels gathering more info., to send off, to prove who we are and what kind of track record we have had the last few years.   For most of you, this will not take as long and you will probably not be required to gather soooo many things together, but since we are self employed they are a little over the top with certain things.  However, we …. The Carol Cotten Team….. carol and janice new Sisters Tak’n Care of Business!

have noticed an increase in unusual and strange request regarding loan documents and verifications this last year.   I guess that is to be expected with new standards on all mortgage loans.

There was progress made, and on November 4th the appraiser came to the land and Hallelujah… started the appraisal on the house, and the bank sent Champlin Title the request to begin the closing process.

Denham Springs  206 Veterans Blvd.  Denham Springs, LA 70726   Telephone:  (225) 665-1220   Fax:  (225) 665-1240


In the mix of all of this we have continued to gather bids together from framers, electricians, painters, etc., as well as cost of materials from local building supply stores with the help of image

Of course the final decision on our plumber is made, and if any one is in need of a plumbing bid, on a new construction or commercial project, make sure to check out the best plumber in town… LOL 24390_103608156348719_100000986064125_31999_2066849_n 225-505-9436

Still working on making a final determination on the bids, but will update that info.  once we know. 

We also had a speedy approval from the Parish Permit office with our plans and have that step completed!!! YEAH…

Soo, while we wait,,,,, tic tock, tic tock,  we are getting a little bored and decided that we might as well set the post for the deck on the pond.  Here are a few pics to let you see how that is going.  Oh and the plumber is also somewhat of a jack of all trades.  Kind of handy to have around the last almost 33 years…

. IMG_1616 IMG_1615 TIMG_1618 IMG_1617

Slow work in progress…

But the post are set!

Three Bald Cypress Tress to be planted on the edge of the Pond.

Future Growth of Trees… Hmmm I wonder how long that will be before ours look like this? 

And our little Mags looking on in curiosity… she is loving being a dirt dog. 

Our next step is getting the closing date set, once we have the appraisal in.  AND then on to the real project where I hope to be able to bring you updates on a weekly basis. 

Thanks for spending a few minutes checking in on us, and remember it is the season to be Thankful!  We are very excited and thankful for our family and all that God has in store for our future, for he know the plans he has for you! Jeremiah 29:11

Be Blessed!

More to come ASAP!