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After a long fall and NO rain we began January with a closing on the 6th and now, one Month later, we are seeing walls and real rooms take shape!

BUT…. first we have to have the cement delivered!  So on January 30, 2012 the first of 10 cement trucks arrived, and as fate would have it the only day, that week, that it did not rain!   YIPPEEE….

cement truckIMG_2334IMG_2333cement truck two


Delta Concrete out of Denham Springs did a great job that morning getting in and out of our driveway and also dealing with all the new construction on our road in front of our house.  It was a lot of fun to watch all the excitement and Alex called it “Cement Day”  Well here are the results, of what Delta and the crew with Alfredo completed. 


IMG_2350     Since our plan is to have stained concrete floors, it was important that we had a smooth finish.  We were very pleased with the results… Cannot wait to see color on the floors in a few weeks.  Another decision yet to make! Thinking of going with Malay Tan with a bit of Black mixed in.  The good thing about stain colors, you only have a few to choose from, so that makes your decision a little easier.  Thank goodness!!! I seem to be having trouble making up my mind on a few things so I will need some input from my daughters and sisters, if I can get them to fit me in their busy schedules. 

Now that we have the cement, it can rain and well IT DID!  ALL WEEK, but on Monday the sun was out and Robert Jones and his crew showed up before dawn ready to frame the house.

    IMG_2352  IMG_2354  

and Holmes Building Materials showed up with our lumber right on time! holmes building

After day one we were very excited to see the lay out of each room and of course I began to place furniture right away.  Thinking I might need to buy a new sectional!  More decisions to add to the already long list.       Here are a few pics of what we have as of 2-8-2012…   



Now that we have things rolling……  we have to decide the floor, brick and shingle colors along with making more phone calls to the subs, and getting them on schedule.

I think Cotton Custom Homes can help out with some of these choices…. Already getting tips from the pro!  Thanks Gerald and Carol!     cotten custom homes

  Lots of note taking and check list still to come!