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Home Loan Center

When thinking of purchasing a home the first thing to consider is how much can I afford? Getting pre-approved is key in becoming a strong buyer, and one that the seller will take seriously when the time is right to make an offer. Having your pre-approval takes the stress off of wondering if the home you are looking at, and falling in love with, is within your means.  It also places your Realtor in a better position of knowing how to serve your needs and that of your family.  Put the joy into house shopping by taking the stress out first with a solid pre-approval.  Shop around and get acquainted with different lenders and loan programs that you may qualify for. Again, your Realtor is in the know on how to guide you in the right direction.  Make sure that you tap into the wealth of knowledge that your Realtor can offer.  After all, you do not shop for mortgages everyday, but your Realtor is always in touch with the best local providers.  Below is a consumer tool kit that can assist home buyers become educated on what is needed in purchasing a home.