The month of February brought about a lot of changes, in the construction of our new home, but it has been a life changing month for our family that brought us great sorrow in the loss of our precious Mom… Maw Maw, Laura Bell.  Last October when we told her that we had decided to build, on our family land, she was so happy and excited about our project, and could not wait to see it completed.   We hope to honor her as we continue on our adventure.  As Christians we know that all things work to the good of those that love the Lord, and we are very anxious to witness the good that will continue to be brought forth from Maw Maw Laura Bell’s life!  We love you and miss you terribly.. thank you for being an amazing example for all of us. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         maw maw

There was lots of progress from the completion of the framing to the stained concrete, AC installation, Shingles on the roof, and Electrical ( almost done). 

As we continue moving forward bids on cabinets, appliances, fireplace insert, bricks, vinyl siding, light fixtures, vacuum system, & generators had to be handled, all while making sure that we are getting quality work and a fair price.  Having so many resources to utilize has been a life saver.  Thanks to Cotton Custom Homes and Gerald Cotton      cotten custom homes    for always giving us advice and helping with  referrals, as well as so many friends who are either in building (Like the Morales family) , or who is in the business!  We have truly been blessed to have so many resources on this project. 

We were pretty excited to see the roof taking shape.   Robert Jones did a great job!  020

Once we had a blacked in roof and windows installed we were onto deciding stain color for our floors.  While we were visiting a local paint store in BR we meet a sub contractor that gave us some great ideas on pros and cons of staining concrete, as well as a great price for her to do it for us.  Feeling overwhelmed, just a bit, we decided to let her come in and take care of that for us.  She did a wonderful job and was very helpful in deciding how to pick our color. 


There are only eight colors to choose from, but you can layer them to get different effects.  We decided on black with a little bit of cola.  After three days of looking at the different results we had our floors finished and the color came our beautiful!  Let me know what you think?  

floor 1floor threefloors twofloor four

On with the roof, Franciso Palma and Omni Enterprises, 225.993.2760…….plumbing….   Randy Dubois 225.505.9436  dubois plumbing company  Open-mouthed smile ,

electrical, Jonathan, Rainbow Electric Inc 24644 Louisiana 16, Denham Springs, (225) 664-8054 , and AC with our great son-in-law Jeremy Simon and Morgan Mechanical… Here are a few shots of their recent work!

Here are a few more pics of the progress we have made.  IMG_2440  Front View…

IMG_2442  Back View… lots of clean up still to do.    IMG_2444  side garage view, and yes more piles of clean up!

February was a long month, and I cannot believe we are flying into spring.  My next update should have the brick completed, along with insulation, and sheet rock.  Maybe if things go very smoothly the cabinets will be on their way!  Still lots of decisions to make and work to be done.  Thanks for hanging out with us, and we hope you enjoy our updates on the progress!!  Standing on his promise and one of my favorites ……Jeremiah 29:11 

Tomorrow we lose an hour, but the silver lining is that we have more daylight.  Looking forward to the Grand opening of the new church facility tomorrow at