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The word “progress” can play tricks on you!  When I last wrote on how the construction, on our home in Frost, was coming, the pace had picked up even though the clean up was not so much fun. 

  The AC,  Morgan Mechanical      morgan mechanica;        Plumbing,      dubois plumbing company   

and Electrical  Rainbow Electric Inc    24644 LA Hwy 16Denham Springs, LA 70726   had been completed. We also had to meet at the house with the Cabinet Maker and begin the measurements for the install.  (More on that later)


Once we had checked those items off the list, our local supplier….image 

was quick to deliver the insulation and get it installed.

.image   image image  imageimage

We decided to add some additional insulation for sound barriers between the living room and master bedroom, and the living room and bedroom two, (my office / grandkid room) to eliminate noise from those areas while in the living room, or trying to sleep in the master bedroom.

So bring on the noise baby girls… POP can sleep through anything now!  image


OK…. Insulation is in the HOUSE!!  next up will be the sheetrock, and of course some rain, rain , and rain, so we had a little set back but not too bad and then the last week of March the skies became blue and bright and the team with Francisco got to work.  Here is what we have NOW……..

While all this was taking shape I suddenly realized I had to get off the stick, or better yet off of PINTEREST, and make some real decisions on lighting, color, granite, marble, and more color, and style, and quit dreaming and finalize some of this stuff. 

Feeling a little anxious, and that could be because I could not make up my mind, although I know exactly what I like and do not like, I needed support and who better to get that from than the Queen of house building herself… my big SIS ,,,,CC… Yes from Sisters Tak’n Care of Business!   carol and janice new 


with that, my brain went in about four different directions, but finally I started with GRANITE… and made a beautiful find at a local granite dealer in BR…. I think out of all of the things I had to pick this was the one that made me smile the biggest.  I am going to hold that decision in my pocket until the install, but I cannot wait to see it in my new kitchen and to show all of you. New color?… well a color that I have not seen in any home, and that is saying a lot, since I am in a lot of homes in the surrounding parishes.  Got a good deal and I think it is going to be BEAUTIFUL.   OK I will stop all of your eyes from rolling now, for those of you who are reading this.  

Since I had been looking at light fixtures for well,   FOREVER,  I knew what I wanted, the problem was finding them and staying within the budget.  Oh I have been forgetting to mention that word.  Making sure everything you want and need stays in that margin is not fun, but well worth the effort when you cross the finish line and can say.’” I came in on or UNDER budget.”  

OK… the lights.  After a two week ordeal of online looking, meeting with two different local vendors, and browsing three or four stores in town I finally finished thinking about and put it on paper. 

Most of the lights will be bought from image and image  I did order online from

…. image,     image, and image  I fell in love with the clear glass look, which are hard to find, and also the Edison bulb.  Once I saw something I liked, it was hard to find a replacement, so hence the difficulty of ordering from five locations.  Usually that is not the best case scenario to consider, due to the difficulty of making sure that you are not ordering more of what you need, or not enough, and having to return if needed.   I shopped “the LOOK” first and then prices, and am very happy that I made the effort to break from tradition and order with a “do it myself” style.

Here is a sneak peek of some of the items that I have chosen…………

image    image  image    favorite kitchen 


Now onto the paint…. Once you have your counter choice it is time to decide on wall and trim colors, as well as back splash, etc.  My sis has a great lady …. Jeanne, at Pro Source… that gave us great ideas and helped me decide on wall color, trim, backsplash and the all important glass tile for some BLING…….

THANKS JEANNE FOR YOUR HELP..  Here is a little video of what they offer…



Throughout this process I did meet with two other marble companies and we have decided on installing cultured marble in the bathrooms.  Very nice looking and cost savings, good choice since I did a little splurge on the kitchen granite. 

You can get remnant granite for your smaller bathrooms that would not be too bad on the budget.  Most of us have one, (a budget) but if you don’t,or yours is larger than mine… I say go ahead and put whatever makes you happy in the bathrooms.

Color for the marble became am issue, and I was struggling with the paint color.  Jeanne at Pro Source gave me a suggestion so I decided to do it.  Here it is, and I am hoping that this might help me make up my mind…. soon.  The colors are hard to tell from the picture but they are {anew gray for the walls and ceiling, porpoise for the kitchen island, neutral ground or creamy for the trim} Choices from Sherwin Williams Paint



I love grays and am determined to have that color in my house, but am worried that it might clash with my floor color and existing furniture and décor.  Always trying to break from tradition can sometimes give you gray hair.

My bother-in-law….image Chris Dubois…better known as the decorating in law, who now lives in Washington state and works for a decorating company, has given me some advice on color…. “Grays and Golds are coming together so it is OK to put them in the house.”  He also helped out with the light fixtures and encouraged me to use old looking items along with some that are more formal.  So some of my choices are reflecting that advice.  Another pocket reveal will be something that we are having made for the dining room.  Thanks to Chris’s connections in Clinton.

Bricks were ordered a few weeks back from image image in Baton Rouge.  We chose Acadiana Q/S brick color.  That decision was pretty simple since we like the look of OLD BRICK, but cannot add it to the budget, this brick gave us the closest look overall.  We are very pleased with the color and are anxious to see the final product. If you are having trouble picking brick from the store, drive around some of the newer subdivisions and find one that you like.  Get the address or better the lot number and simply tell the brick company where the house is and they can usually tell you what kind of brick is on the house. 

Here are a few pics as the progress of that faze unfolded. 



The bricks are just about finished and the vinyl should be next… we are waiting on Cabinets Sad smile

Hopefully they will be delivered on April 12th… but until then we are on HOLD! 

The cabinet maker will be worth the wait b/c he builds a great cabinet.  Another great referral from cotten custom homes.


Once trim and cabinets are in, the painter can come in and give us some color on the walls… Rainbow

Speaking of color.. that has been fun (NOT) I think I am overthinking the color situation…

Just take a look at another color layout that I stared at for two days.  IMG_2470

I think I have it narrowed down though, I really need to so I can move onto the next thing.. paying my taxes!Crying face

Until then…. I hope you are enjoying the updates.  I like being able to see it all in print, makes me feel like all of this is real.  Getting anxious but I know….. that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28 …. and Jeremiah 29:11 (For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.) Until then… BE Blessed!  LIG because he is Alive.. Happy Easter!